How To Become a Paid Freelance Writer

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I have been striving towards the goal of becoming Paid Freelance Writer for over a year now and it is all starting to pay off. I am earning regular money writing and editing for a PPC Management Company called Webraegous Studios and this has made life in general a lot less worrying.

However, that doesn’t mean that I really want to be writing about PPC Advertising. I’d rather be writing about the cinema or about travel or about the arts, culture and gastronomy in the cities in which I live. However, these areas really don’t pay as well.

I do have a few words of advice, however, for anyone aiming to try and break into the world of freelance writing.

Firstly, I’d keep my eye on Benji Lanyado’s blog. He’s a very young journalist working for The Guardian and The New York Times for the most part, but his own personal blog is just excellent. It’s inspirational and it’s also full of great information and inside tips on freelance writing.

Secondly, I’d remember to keep searching and applying for work every day. I’m managing to search and apply for work, but then I’m really bad at following it through. I’ve been given three opportunities to write for some cool sites for money in the past month and the emails are still sitting in my inbox, marked as unread, waiting for me to do something about it.

Thirdly, I’d say that you still have to be willing to work for free sometimes if the experience is going to serve you well or if the name of the publication for whom you’re writing is going to look good on your CV.

Lastly, make sure that CV stays up-to-date and looks good. This is vital and will make applying for jobs every day a much swifter and smoother process all round.

Any questions or suggestions you’ve got to make this post better would be much appreciated and you can contact me by filling in the comments box below or by emailing me at

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