Will England Win The World Cup 2010?

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As a female Brit, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the subject of football and the World Cup 2010 is something which is very close to my heart and infront of my eyes wherever I am in this football loving South American capital city.

Saturday 12th June 2010 was a vey important day in Buenos Aires for me in terms of the World Cup 2010 as Argentina played Nigeria in the morning and won and I am now, as I write, sat on the sofa in my flat, watching the 11 boys in white from good old England thrash it out against USA. It is the 20th minute of the first half and England are already one goal up thanks to the secure placing of Gerrard (captain) in the 3rd minute.

Switching on the TV at 3.30pm to watch MY boys is a real treat and I really do want England to go all the way and raise that trophy high and proud. Will they do it? I don’t know. I am by no means a football expert and watch very little of the league games, even less now that I live in Argentina, but as I watch this first match, I know that there is nothing more that I would like than for the English to go all the way to the top.

The spirit and interest in Argentina for the World Cup 2010 is naturally highly infectious and uplifting. If there is one thing that Argentina and England have in common (apart from the fact that I have lived in both) it is the fact that they love football. Football means an incredible amount to most Argentines and no doubt that many of the school lessons will be interrupted over the next few weeks on account of the World Cup 2010. That is of course as long as Argentina stay in the competition. Less excuses for watching football in lessons or shutting up shop early would exist if Argentina were suddenly kicked out of the running. All eyes on the matches therefore!

To finally move to a related subject, very close to my heart and very important to the development of opportunities for women in Argentina, it is important to remember that football continues to be seen as a male sport here in the South Americas.

For this reason, a full length feature documentary is in the making at present about a group of girls from Villa 31 (a province on the outskirts of Buenos Aires) who have formed a football team, competed in competitions and won despite the fact that they receive no support and constant abuse from people in the community and particularly the boys when they want to play and practice.

It is believed that the girls should be helping out in the home, Not playing football. Playing football is something that boys must do. For this reason, San Telmo Productions are making a documentary film, “Goals For Girls: The Movie,” about the project and need as much help as possible.

Below are a variety of links to different sites related to the project. Please click on the links and take a look at what it is the girls are doing and how this documentary film, “Goals For Girls: The Movie,” will be able to help them achieve their goals through your help and support. It is a fantastic project and after taking a look at the site and the short, I am sure you will want to contribute to its success in some way.

“Goals For Girls: The Movie” (the website)
“Goals For Girls: The Movie” (the blog)
“Goals For Girls: The Movie” (the facebook page)