The Best Facebook Page on Female Soccer

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There is a new Facebook Page called “Goals for Girls: The Movie”, created by San Telmo Productions in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This new and amazing Facebook Page is part of a campaign to raise money in order to make a documentary film about a group of Argentine girls who are desperate to fight cultural prejudices and do the impossible… Play Soccer.

Argentina is known for its love of soccer, but unfortunately it seems that this love is reserved for the privilege of boys and men, even in 2010!

The Facebook Page created to support the soccer project went online in June 2010. After being online for only two days, the following comments were sent to the project managers:

  • This looks great!!!
  • Congratulations!
  • Good work!
  • Wonderful to see how this project has moved forward!

The Facebook Page has some excellent features that could be utilized by other projects and organizations who are trying to promote themselves through Facebook too. The following features of some of the best features of this Top Facebook Fan Page:

  • The extended info section on the wall tab is full of videos, images and links of previous successes and up-to-date information. Scroll down a little way to see it on the left hand side of the wall. It is brilliant!
  • The landing page is a static FBML page which presents a short 45 second promotional video about the project that is really gripping to watch and includes an excellently simply call to action for all Facebook junkies. Take a look!
  • The Donate Tab is really creative. It is really well designed and makes the donation of any sum of money really straightforward and clear.
  • The quality of the posting is superb. It has already, within the first week, been given a 5 * rating by Facebook Insights. Stay tuned for more quality posts.
  • The Facebook Page has also already gone international, with interest and postings from Argentina, USA, Australia, Brazil and Finland.

The Facebook Page is trying to raise US$10,000 dollars by March 2011 in time for the Female Soccer World Cup 2011 which will be held in Germany. With this money, San Telmo Productions (who are in charge of shooting and producing the documentary) will be able to do the following:

  • Shoot and edit the full length feature, “Goals for Girls: The Movie”
  • Provide tuition in film-making for the girls who participate in the soccer team over the course of a number of months
  • Pay for some of the girls to go to Brazil and take part in a soccer tournament
  • Challenge the cultural prejudices surrounding soccer in Argentina with effective results

So… what to do now?

Firstly, visit the Goals for Girls: The Movie Facebook Page for yourself, so that you can see how good of a page it really is and maybe pick up a few tips for the management of your Facebook Page at the same time.

Then, once you have become familiar with the project and all the good that it promises to offer and will deliver, perhaps you may well like to show your support and make a donation via the various methods outlined of the Goals for Girls: The Movie Facebook Page Donate Tab.