Would I Survive with No Internet for a Whole Month in South America?

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Considering I am a writer and social media networking junkie for a number of different clients, on top of running my own profiles, I find it difficult to not be connected to the internet for more than a few hours at most!

Living in Buenos Aires poses no problem at all for this kind of life style, because in almost every single cafe in the city, a Wifi service is provided free.

However, Venezuela is a different story altogether. At present, I am back in Venezuela doing a little journalism research and access to the Internet is much more limited. There are plenty of internet spots, but NO cafes that offer Wifi. This makes working for hours and hours at a time a real drag.

I don´t like living without the Internet, without being able to log-on at 3am in the morning if the mood takes me, but the life in the north of the South American continent demands that a life less technological be lived.

Therefore…. Can I live without the internet?…. Yes….. Do I want to?….. NEVER!

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