Four Reasons Why You Should Go To Egypt

When you hear the word ‘Egypt,’ what do you think of? You may think of the problems and unrest that is currently there and many people do think of this, but there are so many other things to think about!

There is a lot more to Egypt than the problems that are currently there, so do not let the news put you off. There are potential dangers wherever you go, even in your hometown. Think about other aspects of Egypt, for example, the pyramids and Ancient Egypt, the camels and other wildlife or the popular cites, such as Cairo, Luxor or Sharm El Sheikh. Egypt has a lot to offer any visitor, so here are the reasons why you should still consider visiting Egypt despite what is on the news.

Not all areas in Egypt are problematic…

You should avoid any city in Northern Sinai for now, for example Al Arish and other areas in and around Cairo, as these are the most unstable areas, however, resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh and Taba are larger tourist destinations are fine to visit due to the large tourist community.

The tourist resorts are fantastic…

Tourist resorts in Egypt include everything you could want in a holiday, for example, they have great hotels, great activities and hot weather. There is a variety of activities, for example, water parks, camel riding and scuba diving. You do not have to visit the unstable areas to experience what Egypt has to offer.

Fun for families, friends and couples…

If you are looking for a fun in the sun holiday, then Egypt can give you just that. Again, you do not have to visit the problematic areas to see Egypt. Tourist resorts can offer a true representation of Egypt, for example, the excursions offered can take you to the wonderful deserts for camel rides and authentic Bedouin tea.

The weather is fantastic…

The summer months are the hottest and on average, in August, the temperature is around 33 degrees Celsius (around 92 Fahrenheit). The Spring months may be more bearable for some people and even the winter months are reasonably warm. The average temperature for January is around 16 degrees Celsius (around 63 in Fahrenheit).

Instead of thinking of reasons why you should not visit Egypt, think of the reasons why you should! Not all of Egypt is problematic, there are plenty of areas you can go to and enjoy the activities, the sun and just the resorts in general. Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular resorts in Egypt and even after the problems, it was still visited by a thousands of people; even though the unrest has affected tourism overall in Egypt, places like Sharm El Sheikh and Taba are getting the same amount, if not more, tourists than ever. It is true that you should avoid certain areas of Egypt, but that does not mean you should just cross it off your list completely; you can still enjoy the authenticity of Egypt with desert activities.

About the Author: Tina is a travel agent and has always been a fan of everything involving travel, even the plane journeys! In her spare time, she enjoys writing about destinations she has previously visited. For the countries that require visas, she has referred to to quickly obtain her visa.