4 Places In Wild Wood That Will Make Your Vacation Memorable

If you are planning your vacation and you want to visit a place where you can get plenty of fun and adventure, you should consider Wild Wood New Jersey.


Commonly called The Wildwoods, the region in Cape May County is located on an island. This has become a popular travel sport as visitors and residents alike look for memorable experiences from the different spots that offer everything from history lessons and lovely food to carnival rides and souvenir shops.

Every traveler to Wild Wood has to visit these four places.

1.      Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District

Popularly known as the Doo Wop motel district, anyone with a sense of history has to visit this one place. Located in the Wildwood Crest municipality, you get the chance to stay in one of 50 hotels with different features and offer different experiences. Everything, from the themes and vivid colors to the sense of deep history, provide visitors with unique and memorable experiences. You can choose to go on a tour either by car or by foot, to enjoy the structures that have been around for years.

2.      Historic Cold Spring Village

History buffs cannot get enough of this region as they get the opportunity to see activities that were prevalent centuries ago. This unique history museum is worth experiencing as the past comes alive in the antique buildings that have been restored to give visitors a glimpse of what life must have been like in the late 18th to early 19th century. The guides, who dress in period clothing, teach visitors about the crafts, trade and lifestyle of that period. The open-air museum is unique and takes the visitor on a journey into the past, something that offers both adventure and education.

3.      Oceanfront Motel

A visit to the region is not complete without enjoying the beach and relaxing in an oceanfront motel. Enjoying the cool breeze in a relaxing atmosphere is what you will find in the Beau Rivage Motor Inn. This beautiful motel makes the Jersey shore experience complete. It is designed to offer comfort as well as the best dining and entertainment experience. The white beaches that are only steps away from your motel will help to create a memorable vacation. If you want something more than just relaxing on the beach, you can take part in several games on offer including card games, pool and pinball.

4.      Naval Air Station

If you want to learn about the aviation history, the NAS Wildwood Aviation Museum is the place to be. Used as a training facility during World War 2, the Naval Air Station Wildwood (NASW) has been renovated and it offers visitors a glimpse of that part of the country’s history. Listed as a place of national significance, the hanger at the airport remains one of the last wooden hangers from the WW II period. A wide range of military memorabilia, including 26 aircraft and aircraft engines, has been displayed in the museum. Other activities at the station include dances, festivals, fly-in activities, concerts, lectures and tours.

A vacation in the Wildwoods has many advantages including the fact that you have the choice of over 8000 hotel rooms. You can also stay in over 3000 beautiful condominiums around the island. Any experience you are looking for, you can find on this location. Most of the motels are family owned establishments that offer an authentic feeling of hospitality. Whether you are looking for luxury, or you want something cozier and low key, you can get everything you need. Here you can find any type of lodging or accommodation to fit your budget.

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