New Year Firework Displays Around the World

Fireworks are a big part of New Year celebrations, from one side of the globe to the other. Here are some of the biggest and best displays from around the world.


Auckland in New Zealand is the first major city in the world to welcome in the New Year, however the largest New Year Display in the world is hot on their heals as Sydney, Australia host their display using the iconic setting of Sydney Harbour Bridge as a centre piece. Fireworks span the bridge to produce a huge cascading waterfall effect. In total 7 tonnes of fireworks are used and are located on the harbour bridges, Sydney Harbour Bridge and seven city buildings. 100,000 pyrotechnic effects are used and draw a crowd of around 1.5 million people as well as the billion people who watch the display on TV or on-line.

As midnight travels around the world fireworks are used to celebrate the start of the New Year. The 509 metre high Taipei 101 Tower is used to spectacular effect for an intense display lasting around 3 minutes. The 2013 display will feature fireworks imported from Spain, due to their cold luminescence and low emission levels as firework displays become greener, producing less carbon emissions. This year’s display and will emphasise elegance and beauty rather than displays in the past where more was seen as better.

Mainland Europe and Scandinavia have a long tradition of using fireworks to celebrate the coming of the New Year. As well as displays in the major cities, the inhabitants of these countries will also have their own firework celebrations. Each city uses its most famous landmark as a backdrop for its displays, the Brandenburg Gate features in the Berlin display and the Eiffel Tower the Paris display. Around one million people will attend each of these displays.

The United Kingdom has been somewhat late in embracing the use of fireworks to celebrate New Year, however the Millennium celebrations on 31st December 1999 changed all that. The London Eye makes the perfect centre-piece for a spectacular display. In addition to the professional displays, the general public hold their own firework displays to bring in the New Year. One light single ignition display boxes are available for the general public, along with many other fireworks for sale to make hosting a spectacular display simple.

As the New Year progresses ever west wards where else but the length of the Copacabana beach plays host to the Rio de Janeiro display and heading out further west, Las Vegas’ seven main casinos along the Strip, from the Stratosphere to the MGM Grand, will allow loads of explosives to be shot from their rooftops in a giant display watched by thousands live from the Strip.

If you are holding your own New Year display, remember not to drink before letting off your fireworks and have a safe and happy New Year.

Author Bio

David Jordan has been working in the fireworks industry his entire life and has travelled around the world to some of the best displays.