Half-Term Holiday Ideas in the UK for All the Family

If you’re looking for the best UK breaks for the family as half-term approaches, you can’t go wrong with action and adventure in Snowdonia, fun and entertainment in Brighton, or free and educational in London.

The UK has something for every kind of family. Think about your little devils, take a look at the following ideas listed below and decide whether you need to book a short holiday to tire them out, inspire them or feed their eager minds.

Learn a little in London

If you want to take the kids to London during the February half-term, consider taking advantages of the capital city’s educational wonders… the museums. London can be one of the best places to take your children if they love to learn and they are deeply interested in science and history.

St Pauls
What’s more most museums in London are completely free to enter and this means that the trip doesn’t have to cost you crazy amounts of money either.

The London Natural History Museum is home to one of the best dinosaurs gallery in the world. It houses real skeletons, some of which are life-size models, and they have a really cool section entitled,“Creepy Crawlies,” for those kids who love to learn about insects and the like. For those children who really enjoy learning through touch, there’s an earthquake simulator in the museum. You children can actually get to feel what it’s like when the earth moves. Cool, right?

If you have a budding scientist in the family, The Science Museum London is really child-friendly. One of its best features is that its really interactive. There are regular exhibits organised where children are invited to try out their own experiments and the various activities span across all age ranges.

Naturally, there are loads more museums in London to visit at half-term, but these two present the perfect way to start your educational trip, without a doubt.

Have fun in Brighton

Make your half-term holiday to Brighton all about fun and entertainment with the little ones. Brighton Pier is one of the best places to go for family restaurants, cafes, exciting rides and arcades to keep everyone happy. The Superbooster Ride is one of the most exhilarating, just to give you a heads up!

If your family is not really that interested in rides and arcades, there are two other really good options that will keep everyone busy all day long. Firstly, for the really tiny members of the family (and the big kids at heart!) is The Volks Railway. It’s Britain’s oldest working electric railway and takes you on a one and a quarter mile journey along the top of the beach to the Marina.

The final option is the Brighton Marina. The Marina has everything to offer from cinemas and bowling to boat trips and great places to sit down and pig out.

Get active in Snowdonia

Betws-y-Coed and The Snowdonia National Park spans over 800 square miles. It is nothing short of spectacular and for kids who love the outdoors it is the perfect half-term holiday trip to plan for the entire family.

Some of the most ancient rocks in the world can be found in this part of North Wales and Welsh, the oldest living language in Europe will surround you wherever you go.

If your children are in their teens (or even younger, but particularly good in the outdoors), the highest peak in Snowdonia is called Mount Snowdon. At 3,560 feet it is not a difficult climb, but provides enough of a challenge for children who thrive on being active. You’ll also be pleased to know that there are 13 other peaks in the area which also surpass 3,000 feet. A trip to Snowdonia really can provide a healthy, physical challenge for your children before they head back to school in the springtime.

The Tree Top Adventure Park, located just outside Betws-y-Coed in the Snowdonia National Park is another brilliant activity to add to the list of things to do in the area. 50 feet up in the trees are a range of engaging and exciting obstacles to entertain and challenge the entire family. Get fitted-up with a harness and a helmet and head to the skies! Kids fall in love with this activity at first sight.

Whatever you do…

Don’t let the February half-term holidays in 2013 go by without organizing something fun for the younger people in your life. Activities are endless and there’ll be less complaints of boredom to field off if you make the effort to get away for a few days together. It’s time for a treat!