Sintra Village for Romantics

Sintra village is the ideal getaway for the romantic souls. Ever since the golden years of Romanticism, Sintra’s melancholy overcomes the imagination of poets, writers, painters, sculptors and musicians in search of a muse. The rest of us, simple mortals, just fall in love with it.

Sintra village guide for romance

Just a simple walk through the winding streets of Sintra village will surely be one of the most romantic experiences of your life. Its magic atmosphere will hook you forever don’t doubt it: It could be due to the small gift shops, proudly showing the best Portugal has to offer on what it comes to handicrafts or winery; it could be due to the windows embellished by blooming flowers; it could be due to the sweet aromas coming from the charming coffee shops; or it could be due to the sound of the happy chatter filling the air. But it will probably be due to the breathtaking green scenario surrounding Sintra village!

After enjoying the village’s center adventure yourself into Sintra’s outskirts. However, as these words are devoted to lovers, do it in a horse-drawn carriage. If it’s a bit chilly don’t worry, grab a blanket and snuggle in the arms of your beloved! Romantic, don’t you think?

Do the road all the way to Monserrate, an exotic palace surrounded by botanic gardens exhibiting species from all over the world. I am sure that if you get on your knee and pop the question in this scenario the answer can only be yes!


On the way to Monserrate you will be passing Seteais, a dazzling palace, now working as a five star hotel. If you are staying here, let the Sete Ais legend, telling the story of the beautiful Arab maiden and the Christian knight, inspire you.


On the way back to Sintra village, make a stop at the legendary Lawrence’s hotel for a comforting cup of tea or a delicious cup of coffee. Allow yourself to calmly enjoy the glorious past of this historic building that sheltered renowned artists from all over the world throughout times.

A romantic stay in Sintra village could not be over without a visit to the Disney-like Pena Palace. Rising imposing from the lush vegetation on the top of the mountain, Pena Palace draws our attention from a distance thanks to its colorful walls. Sumptuousness is the word to describe not just the building, inspired by the magnificent Bavarian palaces, but also its interiors. The richness of the furniture and of all decoration details immediately catches our eye. However, the most astonishing aspect of the Palace’s interiors is the richly worked ceilings of the many rooms.


Pena Palace was born out of the will of King Consort Don Fernando. Pena Palace, considered one of the Portuguese 7 Wonders, is one of the most impressive examples of the Romantic architecture from the 19th century. However, the building depicts several other influences like Moorish, Manueline, Gothic and Renascence styles.

If you are thinking in declaring your love, Pena Palace is the best place to do it. Allow the magnificence of the view from the Palace’s balconies to inspire you and the right words will flow easily. If you prefer a more quiet and secluded ambience to state your love, you may chose one of the many hidden corners of the amazing gardens of Pena Park, which surround the Palace.

To be honest, no matter where you go in Sintra village you will always find a reason to celebrate love!

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