Italy by Scooter – The truly Italian experience

Travelling to Italy can be more fun if you decide to skip the norm and take to the roads with the breeze cooling your summer sweat as you navigate the open roads on the famous Vespa scooter. Scooters are hard to beat on those summer days as you jet through ripe orchards and cascading hills with nothing more than the shirt on your back.


Benefits of Seeing Italy by Scooter

If you are struggling with Italy travel ideas allow yourself to be tempted with Italy by scooter. Getting around in Italy on an original Vespa can only be described as an eclectic blend of pleasure, culture and emotion. Vespa tours in Italy have become a unique way of enjoying the beautiful landscape of Italy and even if you don’t actually want to ride a Vespa (for some odd reason) you can hire a normal scooter without the frills and culture of a gleaming Vespa. Convinced?

Best Places to Ride

Vespa means ‘wasp’ in Italian and buzzing around the historical and picturesque towns, villages and pastures, can open up a new world of holiday exploration and change the way you look at Italy for ever.

A number of Vespa cross-country days are available for holiday makers to enjoy a historical tour across places like Montereggioni and through historical stone villages with your very own on-scooter guide. Take a leisurely ride to the town of Greve to take in the Saturday market and connect with the locals. Italian porcetta sandwiches can be lusciously enjoyed after being carved directly from a roasted pig. Ingredients here in the Italian countryside are all fresh and far from tasteless.


Things to Remember on your Vespa

  • It is always a good idea to make sure you have the correct driving licence to ride a scooter in Italy as scooters up to 50cc can be operated with a normal driving licence where as anything above will require a motorcycle licence.
  • Using a licenced tour provider that specialises in scooter holidays – in Italy they are often able to organise everything including hotels. In addition, using a bona fide scooter tour company will ensure that you have the right insurance cover as well as the correct type of breakdown cover.
  • Find out if there is a daily mileage limit before signing on the dotted line.
  • It’s required by law to wear a helmet when riding all forms of motorcycle in Italy, including scooter riders.
  • Protect your skin too! Bring sun block and wear long sleeved clothing even in summer. The sun can be very intense and riding on a scooter does leave you very exposed.

Get There

More travellers will of course arrive into Italy by plane. Popular cities to visit such as Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice are very well connected to other cities in Europe. Check out available flights and consider flying low cost – the route search tool on Low Cost Airline Guide is a quick way to see which airlines you can fly with. Most scooter rental companies are not located at the airport, so you will likely have to first travel to the city centre office to collect your wheels.

Be safe, and have a great trip!

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