Capri, the most beautifull Italian island

Known for its magnetic pull on celebrities and star-struck tourists, Capri is the glittering island of celluloid folklore, still beloved for its dazzling “blue grottoes” – the underground caves practically glowing with the azure shades of Mediterranean waters that flow through them, bringing boatloads of admirers to take in the sight – and then for its quaint cobblestone streets, its undisputed, imminent glamour, and rewarding hiking trails.


But enjoying the treasures of this jewel-upon-the-sea cannot be confined to just a day or two, so why not make Capri your new place to call home? With many rentals available, including apartments and larger villas, there’s no reason not to take full advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime, while fully savoring Capri’s jaw-dropping scenes… without ever having to say “arrivederci”!

Amalfi and Positano are easy access points to Capri, as is Naples – it’s only a short ferry-ride to the designer boutiques, pretty piazzettas, churches, and posh hotels. Via Camarelle is the place to go for a day of “shop till you drop” or there’s also the option of mingling with the masses circulating at Marina Grand and La Piazzetta. Breathtaking gardens delight the senses, along with the verdant abundancy of local flora and fauna, such as wisteria, roses, honeysuckle, and bougainvillea.

The unmistakable shadows of I Faraglioni’s limestone formations tower above the shimmering, sunlit ocean surrounding the little jewel of Capri; and scenic cliffs, as always, offer a reassuring chance to get just one more glimpse of the staggering views. For an invigorating walk, there is the “Giro dell’Arco Naturale” which not only makes the most of cliff-bound trails but also takes in more of Capri’s other claims to fame, including Villa Solitaria, and the ancient Roman natural cave, Grotto di Matermania.

Beyond the basic must-sees of Capri there is always Anacapri and the Villa San Michele, which (though it was built in the late 1800’s) offers an homage to the former site of Roman Emperor Tiberius’ own villa. Fast-forward to modern days and the current villa is fairly bursting with artifacts of the Gothic variety.

Capri’s annual events offer a stand-out excuse to stay longer, with yearly observances of patron saints and a tip of the hat to the ongoing love affair between the island and the film industry. Activities include the Capri Art Film Festival in April, Festival of San Costanzo in May, the Capri Tango Festival in June, the International Folklore Festival in August, the Capri International Film Festival in December, and Capri Hollywood.

Immortalized forever by the crooning, captivating tones of Frank Sinatra: “Twas on the Isle of Capri that I saw her, beneath the shade of an old walnut tree…” Capri continues to romance the passerby with the promise of adventure and idyllic afternoons.