Start collecting airline miles and fly for free

The concept of airline miles is known to most people, but not many people fully take advantage of it or know enough about this incentive program. When airline miles programs were first introduces during the 1980s, the only way to earn miles was to choose a single airline every time you fly.


In return for customer loyalty, the airline would give you various rewards, including free flight trips. However, if you know about modern airline miles programs, you would know that there are lots of ways to collect them, and many of them do not require you to hop onto a flight. Here are some tips to help you start collecting hair miles to fly for free.

Select an airlines alliance

In the past, every airline had their miles program, but the system turned out to be too restrictive. Today, however, there are airline alliances that offer their own flyer miles program. SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and OneWorld are the three biggest airline alliances, and each of them covers various airlines. Choose an alliance that has carriers that you are most likely to use for your flights.

Apply for elite status if you are eligible

If you travel enough, you may be eligible for elite status in airlines, which gives you more airline miles with each trip. You also get discounts on flight tickets and various other perks. There are, however, some downsides. For instance, the airline miles that you earn do not count towards an elite status requalification. The rules and regulations vary with the airline miles program you have chosen, so check your program to learn more about how to make the most out of your elite status.

Earn points from credit cards

You do not need to fly to get airline miles. Credit card companies also offer a number of loyalty programs that let you earn points, which in turn can be converted into airline miles in some cases. The signup bonuses offered by credit card companies can give your airline miles account a huge boost. Depending on the company, the bonus could be anywhere from 50,000 points to 100,000 points.

You also have various types of credit card points that can be transferred for use in hotels and airlines. Moreover, co-branded credit cards are linked to one hotel chain, airline, or airline alliance, and they can be used to get more points with each purchase.

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