Join in the fun… Summer Sailstice 2013

How much do you know about the Summer Sailstice? Not the summer solstice… the Summer Sailstice. Do you get the clever play on words? 😀 The Summer Sailstice is an annual, international sailing holiday, this year set to take place on June 22nd 2013. That’s right! In just 10 days from the time of writing!

the summer sailstice

Summer Sailstice founder, John Arndt, made this global sailing holiday official in 2001. Since then, every year on the closest weekend to the summer solstice, avid sailing fans gather in a variety of locations to celebrate one of the most active international sailing holidays across the globe. The Summer Sailstice connects over 19,000 sailors — including cruisers, racers and recreational sailors.

A few years ago, still only a holiday enjoyed by US citizens and celebrated across many coastal and inland sailing destinations throughout the US, the Summer Sailstice holiday has seen huge expansions in recent years. There are now sailing events in other countries and continents, with participants from Asia, the Americas and Europe.

What are the best bits of the Summer Sailstice?

  • It’s easy to participate.
  • When you upload your details to the SummerSailstic site, you’ll be in the running to win a cruise in the Caribbean as well as other prizes including charters, gear and boating services.
  • You don’t have to register to take part. You can just set out on the water with thousands of other sailors.
  • Choosing to register ahead of time does have its benefits. You’ll be better informed about everything, you can enter contests and by registering, the Summer Sailstice team is able to keep a better count of how many sailors take part.
  • You don’t even have to have a boat to sail. You can visit the Summer Sailstice sponsor’s website,, and register to rent boats from fellow sailors.

According to the founder, John Arndt, the Summer Sailstice is “unlike so many other activities, like tennis or soccer.” There are now dedicated volunteers who work on the project every year and a number of junior programs for young sailors to take advantage of.